Free Music Sessions Over The School Holidays

AudioActive, a local organization dedicated to fostering young talent, is offering free music sessions for young people in Worthing who are eligible for free school meals. These sessions, which are part of the Holiday, Food & Activities (HAF) program, are being held from December 28th to 30th at AudioActive’s facility on Montague Street. Aimed at young people aged 12-16, the program provides an enriching opportunity to explore music production, songwriting, and performance skills.

The HAF music sessions, running from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm each day, offer not only musical education but also a nurturing environment where participants receive a free hot meal. The participants will also have a unique chance to showcase their newly honed skills at a family-friendly New Year’s Eve event, the Kustom Vibes Gig, taking place on December 31st from 4 pm.

More details about the program and the New Year’s Eve event can be found on AudioActive’s website at